Mecmesin's versatile force. materials and torque testers are used by manufacturers worldwide to test the quality, strength, performance and safety of electrical, electronic and micro-electronic components and products..

Whether testing the flexure of a PCB, the force to shear-off its components, the torque to actuate a rotary switch or the pressure to trigger a membrane switch, Mecmesin can provide quality-control testing systems to ensure compliance with specification and standards.

Our Emperor control and analysis software not only monitors force/deflection (or torque/angle) but can also detect the very moment when a switching event occurs so that you have a true understanding of the performance of an electronic assembly.  Other standard applications include testing the mechanical strength of components, such as the terminal strength of a welded wire-harness,  the bond and peel strength of adhered substrates and the compression characteristics of springs.

Whatever your needs in electrical and electronic force or torque, from power transmission down to micro-circuitry, there is a suitable Mecmesin tester.


We have over 40 years experience in solving quality control challenges. Take a look at some typical applications of our customers and contact us to see how we can provide you with an affordable testing solution.

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