Safety and reliability are paramount in the aerospace industry.  Around the world many airlines, manufacturers of commercial and military aircraft and helicopters, suppliers of fasteners, landing gear and avionics plus maintenance, overhaul and repair companies rely on Mecmesin test equipment to test the quality, strength, performance and safety of their aerospace materials, components and subassemblies.

Our aerospace customers use our test solutions for a wide range of quality control testing applications including:

  • compression and tensile testing of springs
  • shear and tensile strength testing of fasteners e.g. bolts, nuts and screws
  • torque testing of rotary switches and controls used in cockpits, lighting and in-flight entertainment systems
  • pull-off insertion/withdrawal testing of:
    • crimped terminals and joints
    • fasteners
  • peel tests on composites used in airframes
  • tensile and material strength testing of:
    • adhesive bonds
    • aircraft textiles and carpets
    • cables, hoses and tubing
    • gaskets and o-rings
    • parachute material and cords
    • seat belts
    • welded joints
    • wiring looms and harnesses
  • manual handling and job task evaluations:
    • baggage and cargo handling
    • operating flight controls

Achieve regulatory compliance, test to a range of international standards, e.g. ASTM, BS, DIN or in-house specifications.

Our force, materials and torque test equipment offer you versatile, practical solutions to your quality control requirements at an attractive price.  We have over 40 years experience in solving aerospace quality control challenges.

We also have a wealth of experience in the more general transport industry sector.

Some of our customers

Featured case studies

Aircraft brake unit spring testing

Use of the MultiTest 5-xt has simplified and accelerated the testing of aircraft brake unit springs. Having input the parameters per the CMM into the unit, we were able to test a spring at the touch of a button and have near instantaneous results without ambiguity. The machine has not only simplified the testing procedure, it has helped to improve the process and flow through the shop.

Lionel Fearon, Product Support Engineer
British Airways

Case study
Aircraft brake springs tested in location

Crimped cable connector pull-off force

Purchase of the MultiTest 50-xt has allowed us to extend the range of products we can test in-house and obtain more information about the failure mode of the samples.

Erica Moore, Test and EHS Manager

Case study
Secure gripping of the crimped contact surface ensures accurate strength of the joint is calculated

Tensile test on rubber gaskets

We use the Mecmesin MultiTest 10-i system to perform regular quality control tests to guarantee the quality of our supplied materials. Mecmesin provided us with a cost-effective solution to our needs and exceptional customer service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies with materials testing requirements.

Michael Hubbard, Business Quality Manager
British Gaskets Group

Case study
Elongation under tension testing of rubber and plastic sealing components and materials dog-bone specimens

Industrial fixtures and fasteners

Historically, SFS intec UK has had to rely on our colleagues in Switzerland for all our product testing and reporting needs. Whilst this produced efficient results, it became apparent that we required a more time friendly and responsive solution for our local customers, so we decided to bring it in-house. Now, with the use of Mecmesin machinery which has been integrated into our facility at Leeds, we are able to offer an additional tailored ‘testing’ service for our UK customers, often much more quickly, whilst producing detailed results and accurate data.

Craig Johnson, Technical Advisor SFS intec
SFS Intec

Case study
Industrial fastener pull-out test system

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