All products are made from materials and manufacturing industries need to have a thorough understanding of materials and their properties if they are to be successful in a global competitive environment. Ideally, a company employs a metallurgist or materials scientist or materials engineer to undertake the important role of materials selection, and all aspects related to design and manufacturing with materials. It is becoming increasingly important to train engineers in the fundamentals of materials engineering so that they are able to undertake this role if required.

Materials studies are taught on numerous traditional mechanical/electrical/ civil engineering courses as well as more specialist technology courses such as:

  • Sports Engineering
  • Bio-medical Engineering
  • Automotive Technology
  • Dental Technology

Understanding the mechanical properties of materials, particularly their stress-strain/tensile testing, toughness and fracture characteristics, is a fundamental part of these educational courses and essential to applied research. 

Mecmesin's force, torque and materials testers are used in universities, teaching hospitals, colleges and schools to teach the principles and benefits of materials, tensile, compression and torque testing.

Whether you are fitting out a new laboratory and need a tester for teaching or are conducting research on new materials Mecmesin can help.  Take a look at some typical applications of our customers and contact us to see how we can provide you with an affordable testing solution.


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