Sports equipment has become increasingly sophisticated as advanced technical materials are incorporated into designs and manufacturing techniques have become highly developed. Consistency is everything in maintaining your brand position, providing product ranges appropriate to beginners as well as professionals. Lightweight, composite materials must provide strength and comfort whilst enhancing performance and lowering the risk of injury. 

Mechanical strength testing of sports equipment and leisure products is essential for design, development and quality assurance. Mecmesin tension, compression and torque testing equipment is relied upon by numerous manufacturers across the world to deliver accurate, reliable and repeatable results.

For the wider leisure industry, including toys and games, strict safety compliance must be confirmed, and Mecmesin’s versatile test systems are ideal for the industry-standard methods required.

Mecmesin provides solutions for all aspects of testing, with our range of universal testers, complemented by our powerful and fully programmable Emperor control and analysis software.

Test to ASTM, BS EN, ISO, DIN, CEN standards and to individual sports company test methods.

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Mecmesin was our first choice when we decided to upgrade our tennis ball testing system. They provided a bespoke service: meeting our specific requirements and providing a fully-integrated solution. We value their understanding of our business, attention to detail and prompt support.

Jamie Capel-Davies, Manager, Science & Technical

Case study
Automated tennis ball tester compression test
We found the Mecmesin MultiTest 2.5-i very easy-to-use. The unit has been of great help to us in setting specifications and standards. As our suppliers are now fully aware of our capabilities we always receive the best natural products.

Pete Thompson, Director
Kookaburra Sport

Case study
Cricket ball leather coating tensile strength testing system
This test system is perfectly suited to our needs, giving us the flexibility we require to perform multiple tests with the certainty of obtaining reliable, accurate results. Undertaking these quality measurements in-house means we are also saving significant costs, as we no longer require the services of external test laboratories.

Jordi Vives-Talló, Engineer
Ultra Magic

Case study
Hot-air balloon fabric tear test and tensile tester
The Mecmesin test stand, force gauge and accessories meet all our in-house testing requirements and are quick and easy-to-use. Mecmesin equipment is an important tool in our Product Safety and Quality Assurance System.

Steve Brooker,
Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd

Case study
Plush toy attachment pull-off test accessories and AFG gauge

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