Sports equipment has become increasingly sophisticated as advanced technical materials are incorporated into designs and manufacturing techniques have become highly developed. Consistency is everything in maintaining your brand position, providing product ranges appropriate to beginners as well as professionals. Lightweight, composite materials must provide strength and comfort whilst enhancing performance and lowering the risk of injury. 

Mechanical strength testing of sports equipment and leisure products is essential for design, development and quality assurance. Mecmesin tension, compression and torque testing equipment is relied upon by numerous manufacturers across the world to deliver accurate, reliable and repeatable results.

For the wider leisure industry, including toys and games, strict safety compliance must be confirmed, and Mecmesin’s versatile test systems are ideal for the industry-standard methods required.

Mecmesin provides solutions for all aspects of testing, with our range of universal testers, complemented by our powerful and fully programmable Emperor control and analysis software.

Test to ASTM, BS EN, ISO, DIN, CEN standards and to individual sports company test methods.

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