Mecmesin testing solutions for consumer (primary and secondary) and transit (tertiary) packaging.

Consumer packaging

We live in a pre-packed world where the majority of end-user goods are supplied in packaging that protects, but that is designed to be opened easily.

This amount of packaging and the growth in environmental regulation creates pressure to produce it with minimal waste and expense, whilst being fit for purpose.

Puncture resistance is combined with pre-tear perforation, security closure with ease of opening.

Pharmaceutical packaging is designed for maximum seal and yet minimum peel.

Plastic bottles require thickness to provide strength and stability during the filling, capping and storage processes, but only at the places on the bottle where it is essential. Top-load axial strength testing ensures the bottles can withstand such forces.

Spray cans require the correct finger pressure to actuate the aerosol, and ring-pulls must not break nails or cut fingers when opened. The more packaging becomes aesthetic in itself, the more difficult it can be to grip and test.

At Mecmesin we design force and torque systems and fixtures for packaging products of all kinds, so that you can apply industry-standard test methods in both designs, and on the production floor for quality control.

Our Emperor control and analysis software is powerful and flexible for reliable, accurate, repeatable testing at the push of a button.

Transit packaging

The target for transit packaging manufacturers is to provide adequate protection at minimum materials cost and weight.

Of the many test types applied, testing board samples is central.

Edge, ring and flat crush can be as predictive of strength as whole-box top-load, and can be achieved using a Mecmesin universal tester.

Testing of adhesives, taping and strapping, as well as friction, stiffness, tensile strength and puncture resistance can all be performed using the same machines.

Mecmesin testers provide an ideal solution for meeting corporate test methods and standards from ASTM, BS EN, ISO, DIN, CEN, Afera, FEFCO, FINAT, PSTC, TAPPI, TLMI etc.

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