SqueezerPro Compression tester

SqueezerPro compression tester, by Mecmesin

Crafted to evaluate packaging performance, SqueezerPro offers powerful insights into the compressive strength performance of various board mediums, closures, interior partitions, and other critical design variables.

SqueezerPro can also be used to conduct distribution simulation compression testing for individual packages.

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Mecmesin developed SqueezerPro to assess the performance of unit loads, individual packages, components, and materials under compressive loads.

Purpose-built to comply with key international test standards, including ISTA 6-Amazon, ASTM D642-20, ISO 12048, TAPPI T804, and more. SqueezerPro supports your business in adherence to industry standards, providing accurate and reliable results for your testing needs.

SqueezerPro - Universal compression tester, by Mecmesin


SqueezerPro precision bearings
SqueezerPro limit switches safety feature

Precision bearings

Providing greater performance and longevity by minimising play in column bearings.

Precision bearings are integral components within the SqueezerPro universal compression tester, engineered to enhance its overall performance and longevity.

These specialised bearings excel in minimising any play within the column, ensuring consistent and accurate compression testing results.

By maintaining precise alignment and reducing friction, precision bearings enable the SqueezerPro to deliver reliable measurements, making it an indispensable tool for assessing the compression strength of various materials such as individual packages, cardboard, and packaging materials.

With their exceptional durability and stability, these bearings contribute significantly to the efficiency and effectiveness of the SqueezerPro in evaluating the performance of packaging solutions across many different industries.


SqueezerPro control panel

Intuitive controls

The coloured LED controller within the SqueezerPro compression tester is a sophisticated tool for precise control and clear status updates during testing.

Using a variety of coloured LEDs, it provides real-time insights into the testing process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Its precision control allows for fine-tuning of testing parameters, while its intuitive interface streamlines procedures, making it invaluable for quality assurance across various applications.


SqueezerPro universal compression tester, by Mecmesin/PPT Group
SqueezerPro fixed compression platen configuration

The SqueezerPro compression tester features precision-aligned specimen platforms, also known as compression platens, ensuring accurate test results and instilling confidence in the reliability of your testing outcomes.

These platforms can be configured as either fixed or floating, providing versatility to accommodate different testing requirements and materials. This flexibility allows users to adapt the testing setup according to specific needs, further enhancing the precision and relevance of the results obtained.

Whether fixed or floating, the precision alignment of the specimen platforms guarantees consistency and accuracy in testing, reinforcing the trustworthiness of the obtained data for informed decision-making processes.


Intuitive touch-enabled force testing software - VectorPro
VectorPro test reports

VectorPro at the heart of compression testing

VectorPro delivers outstanding system control, whilst simultaneous collecting and graphing data from the loadcell and displacement encoder of the test frame.

The software is intuitive for both operators and managers. Personalised user accounts and a streamlined design mean that the workflow is simple and it is easy to create step-by-step test methods according to the precise requirements of your testing procedures.

Access to the most commonly used test methods enables operators to move seamlessly from task to task and keeps training time to a minimum.

Preset or custom calculations analyse the data to determine whether the specimen has met the pass/fail criteria. it is possible to create custom calculations within a few seconds by using the drag-and-drop functions.

At the end of the test, the comprehensive reporting module within VectorPro enables the operator to issue a test report as a PDF.

An extensive range of template reports can be easily tailored to your internal or your customer's exact requirements. Test data can be exported to Excel or to the network for further analysis.

VectorPro generates a clear audit trail with electronic signature functionality - a must for customers in industries that require compliance to FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

SqueezerPro sales brochure

Explore the new SqueezerPro

Our latest compression testing system

Designed for versatility and ease-of-use, the SqueezerPro will appeal to new and experienced users. A convenient bench-top design makes the SqueezerPro ideal for use in all industries, from QC in manufacturing production to R&D laboratories.

For more information, download our sales brochure below.

SqueezerPro - Universal compression tester, by Mecmesin
SqueezerPro - Universal compression tester, by Mecmesin
SqueezerPro universal compression tester, by Mecmesin/PPT Group
SqueezerPro - Universal compression tester, by Mecmesin
SqueezerPro - Universal compression tester, by Mecmesin
SqueezerPro universal compression tester, by Mecmesin/PPT Group

Emperor™ Software

VectorPro force testing software test screen loaded on a laptop

VectorPro® software

VectorPro is our advanced force testing software package developed to perform tensile, shear, bend and compression tests on materials, components and products. Present measurement data graphically and share customised test reports quickly.

Simply choose an ELS loadcell and a set of grips, and you are ready to enjoy enhanced testing with the power of VectorPro.

Key features


Intuitive icon-driven interface and workspace

Advanced 'drag and drop' test routine builder

Personalised user accounts and favourites

Touch screen enabled


Stress/strain machine control

Active or basic load control

System deflection compensation

Manage user permissions and audit trail


Built-in data calculations

Customisable test report templates

Print results to Adobe PDF format

Export data to Excel and other data packages

Key specs

Key specs


Rated capacity
N 25000
kN 25
lbf 5500
kgf 2500

±0.5% of reading, EN ISO 7500-1:2015 Class 0.5 ASTM E4



Units of measurement

mN, daN, N, kN, gf, kgf, ozf, lbf

Sampling rate

20 kHz

Data-acquisition rate (max)

1000 Hz

Platen configuration

Fixed or floating


Crosshead travel (maximum between limit switches)
  • 1220 mm
  • ±1% of indicated position or ±0.1 mm, whichever is greater
  • 0.001 mm


  • 0.01 - 1000 mm/min
    (0.0004 - 39.4"/min)

Better than ±0.1% of indicated speed or ±0.01 mm/min, whichever is greater

  • 0.001 mm/min


SqueezerPro front

SqueezerPro side

SqueezerPro top


Distance between columns
  • 800 mm
Vertical daylight (vertical space to fit sample)
  • 1220 mm
  • 1967 mm
  • 1108 mm
Depth (instrument only)
  • 930 mm
Weight (instrument only)
  • Approx 400 kg
    (Approx 880 lbs)

Common specifications


230V AC 50 Hz or 110V AC 60 Hz

Power (max)


Operating temperature

10 - 40°C (50 - 104°F)

Humidity range

Normal industry and laboratory conditions, non-condensing 30 - 80% RH

Software and communications

Stand connectivity

USB-B, 15-pin serial (Extensometer), 37-pin serial (Digital I/O), 2 additional sensor inputs (ELS)

PC requirements (recommended)

Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, SSD, USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, graphics (Full HD/1080p). Internet connection required for Vector Cloud Solutions.

Operating system

64 bit only recommended. Windows 10 or 11 Pro or better.

Data output

PDF, XLSX, HTML, CSV, TXT, email and image files can all be exported from VectorPro software

Case studies