Motorised force tester

Product Tester
MultiTest-dV with VFG

The MultiTest-dV range integrates perfectly with our VFG Touchscreen Force Gauge, making it a popular configuration for standalone applications that require the capture of a peak load value.

Expand its capabilities by connecting to VectorPro Lite software for presenting data graphically and performing calculations to see test results.

Product image of MultiTest-dV motorised force tester with VFG Touchscreen Force Gauge for tension and compression testing by Mecmesin
Materials Tester
MultiTest-dV with ELS

The MultiTest-dV range configured with an Enhanced Load Sensor, VectorPro MT software and an optional extensometer, transforms this motorised force tester into a basic materials tester.

This makes the MultiTest-dV the ideal choice for quality assurance checks in the QC lab and gives it the power necessary for more in-depth analysis of material properties in the R&D laboratory.

Product image of MultiTest-dV motorised force tester with ELS for materials testing by Mecmesin

The MultiTest-dV is a versatile and easy to use stand-alone force tester.

Ideal for routine quality control in a production or laboratory environment, with three models rated to 0.5 kN, 1 kN and 2.5 kN.

A motorised test stand can be configured with a Digital Force Gauge for product testing or an Enhanced Load Sensor for basic materials testing.

Alluris FMT-W40

Motorised Pull Tester

The FMT-W40 is a motorised wire-terminal pull tester. It is available in 2 models with a tensile strength capacity up to either 500N (110 lbf) or 1000N (220 lbf).

It is rugged, compact and occupies little space on the benchtop. Specifically designed for ease of use with minimal training, the FMT-W40 is an ideal solution for testing the pull strength of crimped wire terminals right at the point of production.

Its motor drive enables wire terminals to be pull tested at a constant pull speed for greater repeatability of testing. The FMT-W40 features seven different test speeds as required by the relevant testing standards.

There are three selectable test modes to allow for destructive and non-destructive testing: pull and break; pull and hold; pull, hold and then break.

Suitable for tensile pull strength testing of wire connectors and terminals according to IEC, DIN, EN, BS, UL, SAE, MIL and NASA standards.

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