Mecmesin systems and gauges are designed for the application of international and industry standards for quality and safety.

Force and torque testing within the construction industry primarily concerns the integrity and resilience of materials, the methods of joining and fastening and their strength, and safety throughout.

  • compressive strength of young sprayed concrete (shotcrete) and grouts
  • compressive strength of block materials
  • bending resistance and flexibility of beams or panels
  • shear and compressive strength of building materials and joined surfaces
  • pull-out force of fasteners and fixings
  • tensile strength of cables
  • compliance testing of health and safety appliances

It also involves verifying the settings of tools and mechanisms used in construction to check they are applying the desired force and torque limits.

Mecmesin systems and gauges are designed to allow you to test for quality and safety in accordance with international and industry standards. When combined with our Emperor force and torque control and analysis software, there is complete flexibility for accurate and repeatable testing.


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