The general government sector covers institutions and public bodies where regulations and standards must be strictly adhered to.

Local and regional councils operate in premises where testing to evidence compliance to the requirements of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) must be arranged.

Fire doors, lift doors and automatic access buttons are all tested using force and torque gauges.

Manual Handling operations regulations are in place to help all employers to control and reduce the risk of injury from manual handling.

Avoiding excessive pushing and pulling of loads is fundamental to worker safety.

To assist meeting these responsibilities task assessment can be objectively performed by measuring the loads encountered by workers and ensuring that they fall within the safe guidelines issued by the HSE.

The emergency services make use of specialist equipment to carry out their job and this needs to be tested by the manufacturers to ensure it meets strict safety and performance standards.

Police and fire services wear protective clothing (stab vests, helmets, jackets...) which all must have the strength to resist the forces encountered.

Testing for tensile strength, puncture resistance and compressive crush forces are all routine tests conducted using Mecmesin's force and torque testers.

Mecmesin systems and gauges are designed to allow you to test for quality and safety in accordance with international and industry standards.

When combined with our Emperor force and torque control and analysis software, there is complete flexibility for accurate and repeatable testing.

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Police force manual handling and protective clothing

We’ve found Mecmesin’s Manual Handling Kit to be a very versatile instrument and use it to assess the forces encountered by officers … whilst restraining suspects and handling heavy duty equipment. These measurements are used to help set the standards for physical strength that all serving officers must be capable of.


Case study
Police Job Relate Fitness Test representative pass/fail effort calibration

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