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Force testing

Powerful yet affordable tensile and compression testers from a few mN to 50 kN

Force testing solutions - from handheld instruments to automated systems

Materials testing

Cost-effective materials strength testers from a few mN to 50 kN

OmniTest materials tester with plastic sample being tested

Torque testing

From hand-held torque meters to complete testing systems - as little as 10 mNm to 1000 N.m

Torque testing solutions - from handheld and portable instruments to automated systems
Mecmesin are specialists in delivering bespoke force testing and torque testing solutions to meet your specific requirements, including line automation, batch testing, etc

Customised solutions

Mecmesin testing systems are highly versatile and we specialise in conquering force and torque testing challenges, both big and small.

Do you need a special grip or fixture, a modified tester, or a bespoke testing system?

No problem - our engineers can design and build solutions to meet your exact testing requirements.

Calibration lab at Mecmesin head office in UK


Mecmesin testing systems and instruments are delivered fully calibrated.

Each comes with its own calibration certificate traceable to national standards.

Find out more about Mecmesin servicing and calibration.

Force testing

Our range of force testing instruments and systems have been designed in collaboration with our customers, for accuracy, reliability and affordability.

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Mecmesin force testing equipment range of some systems and instruments

Materials testing

Our range of materials testers has been designed to meet the needs of QC and R&D professionals for testing the key physical strength characteristics of materials. Simple-to-use, accurate and affordable.

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Mecmesin materials testing equipment range of systems

Torque testing

Our range of torque meters and testing systems are renowned for their ease-of-use and affordability by customers across all industries.

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Torque testing solutions

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Since we initiated this sample testing procedure, we have improved the consistency and level of quality of our products. The intuitive graphical illustration of the results helps us better understand the whole test and the nature of the torque characteristics, which assist in the design process.

Daphi Dai, R&D Laboratory Manager
Jabra GN Netcom

The Vortex-i system has enabled us to eliminate the variability of results experienced with our previous manually-operated testing systems, allowing accurate and consistent testing of the conformance of our drug delivery systems to our stringent in-house standards.

Stephen Byrne,
Becton Dickinson

Tactile characteristics have become a very important aspect in TRV design. The Vortex-i has enabled Pegler Yorkshire to benchmark and assess new design proposals allowing detailed examination of dynamic characteristics and wear over prolonged use. As a result we can provide customers with TRVs of an increased quality and durability.

Sam White, New Product Development Design Engineer
Pegler Yorkshire