Automotive engineering is a complex area incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, software and safety engineering. Stringent performance and safety-critical criteria must be met to produce successful vehicles.

You might be a supplier of components, sub-assemblies or replacement parts, or an OEM brand manufacturer. In all cases, your reputation depends on compliance with industry standards, internal specifications and customer expectations at every level.

Automotive power-train, chassis, electrical, trim and ancillary sub-systems often require complex test procedures.

Our industry-specific test solutions for automotive sector customers include:

  • ergonomic efforts involved in opening, closing and adjusting doors, windows and other architecture
  • forces defining the performance of electrical system components
  • torque to actuate rotary controls
  • forces to actuate dashboard buttons
  • compression and tensile properties of springs
  • resiliance of flexible plastic and rubber components

Fast and accurate measurement with reliable force and torque testing equipment, is essential for controlling the mechanical strength and quality of your products, assuring safety and brand perception.

Mecmesin testing solutions are used by leading manufacturers and engineering companies across the world, whether it be at the component, assembly or full build levels.


We also have a wealth of experience in the more general transport industry sector.

Some of our customers


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We have been very satisfied with our purchase of the Mecmesin MultiTest 1-x, it has become an essential part of our quality control, system and allows us to calibrate our tooling and ensure our product is as reliable as possible in the severe environment of motorsport.

Nigel Barber, Senior Engineer
Cyprium Motorsports

Case study
Electrical harness crimp testing equipment and fixtures
“The MultiTest 2.5-i is very reliable and we have had no problems since we purchased it. Because it’s failure-free, accurate and has intuitive operation (very user-friendly software) it’s superior to the older control system from another supplier. It’s also worth to mention the after-sales support from ITA, Mecmesin’s Polish Distributor, is quick and efficient.”

Miroslaw Bratus, Production Purchase Coordinator
BMZ Poland Sp.z.o.o.

Case study
battery terminal pull-off, close-up
Historically, SFS intec UK has had to rely on our colleagues in Switzerland for all our product testing and reporting needs. Whilst this produced efficient results, it became apparent that we required a more time friendly and responsive solution for our local customers, so we decided to bring it in-house. Now, with the use of Mecmesin machinery which has been integrated into our facility at Leeds, we are able to offer an additional tailored ‘testing’ service for our UK customers, often much more quickly, whilst producing detailed results and accurate data.

Craig Johnson, Technical Advisor SFS intec
SFS Intec

Case study
Industrial fastener pull-out test fixturing
We use the Mecmesin MultiTest 10-i system to perform regular quality control tests to guarantee the quality of our supplied materials. Mecmesin provided us with a cost-effective solution to our needs and exceptional customer service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies with materials testing requirements.

Michael Hubbard, Business Quality Manager
British Gaskets Group

Case study
Rubber and plastic materials tension and elongation tests with various grips
Mecmesin has customer service which provide unwavering support for our questions and ALWAYS come through with the results and answers we have needed. This solution continues to open doors for us and grow with our needs. It was everything we didn’t know we needed and everything we could ask for. It is simple to use and can be mastered using very user-friendly software and conversions into the programs we use every day. I look forward to taking our next steps with Mecmesin!

Terri Lebow, Quality Manager
Vintech Industries Inc.

Case study
Weather seal deflection test graphical results and test jig schematic
The Mecmesin instruments are always so easy-to-use and Mecmesin really understands what is going on in a laboratory like ours.

Tony Faure, Laboratory Manager
Bridgestone TG

Case study
Window sliding force system solution with instrumentation and software

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