Mecmesin solutions for testing in cosmetics and personal care.

Test product formulation for objective texture analysis as well as the performance of applicators, dispensers and packaging.


In much the same way as food is analysed for its texture characteristics, the performance and quality of cosmetics can also be objectively tested. Data obtained from products, being subjectively tested as meeting the right customer expectations for 'touch-and-feel', can be measured using a computerised mechanical force testing system. Having quantified the results with a force tester this can then be applied to product formulation and subsequently to routine quality-control testing. This removes the subjective element when testing and delivers reliable, accurate and repeatable results.

Applicator strength

One feature of many cosmetics is their integration with packaging so that the packaging also acts as a dispenser. This can be a twist delivery, as for lipsticks, or a pull-off cap for a lip tint, or an applicator brush as for mascara, or a roll-on for antiperspirant. The consumer experience of the cosmetic product is inextricably linked with the applicator so it is vital that the quality of the applicator meets expectations.

By using a Mecmesin system you can benefit from its universal functionality to test both the texture characteristics of the cosmetic and the performance of the applicator.


Mecmesin force and torque testing systems are in extensive use within the cosmetics and personal care industry, helping leading brand manufacturers and their sub-contractors to produce consistent top-quality products.   


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