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Test types

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Ergonomic strength and Manual handling

We exert force and torque with our muscles in almost all our everyday activities.

Insertion and withdrawal

Insertion and withdrawal testing involves applying and measuring the compressive force to an object to push it into a recepti

Loop tack

The ‘loop’ tack value of a pressure sensitive material is expressed as the force required to separate, at a specified speed,

Mecmesin has customer service which provide unwavering support for our questions and ALWAYS come through with the results and answers we have needed. This solution continues to open doors for us and grow with our needs. It was everything we didn’t know we needed and everything we could ask for. It is simple to use and can be mastered using very user-friendly software and conversions into the programs we use every day. I look forward to taking our next steps with Mecmesin!

Terri Lebow, Quality Manager
Vintech Industries Inc.

Case study
Weather seal deflection test jig schematic drawing
The Mecmesin 2.5-i has been of great use to IFPL in the testing of socket-type components and materials

Ben Salmon, Test Technician

Case study
MultiTest performs cyclic insertion and withdrawal of the connector until a drop in force is automatically detected.
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