Mecmesin has long been providing force and torque testing solutions to suppliers and contractors into the energy industry. Established manufacturers of cross-country and sub-sea oil, water and gas pipes perform compressive and tensile tests on pipes as part of QC checks on coatings. Connectors, valves and manifolds are tested to ensure their mechanical strength is sufficient for harsh conditions. Electrical connectors which utilise soldered or welded terminals need to be tested for their tensile strength.

As the emphasis is turning increasingly to new and sustainable methods of generating or capturing energy, there has been a growing challenge to provide affordable quality-control testing solutions to nascent sectors of the industry.

Solar energy
A photovoltaic (PV) solar panel is a sophisticated “sandwich”, made up of different layers of advanced materials. A thin-film (TF) solar cell is made by depositing thin layers of photovoltaic film (eg Tedlar®) on a substrate, such as glass, plastic or metal and these cells are then fitted to rigid or semi-flexible panels. The effective performance of these PV solar panels depends on many factors including their ability to withstand mechanical damage as they are exposed to environmental extremes.

Mechanical strength testing is, therefore, a crucial part of both initial and ongoing quality-control checks for:

  • Adhesion strength at initial bonding of EVA to glass, film, or PET - method: 90° or 180° peel test
  • Adhesion strength retention after exposure to temperature and humidity extremes, as part of requalifying tests - method: 90° or 180° peel test
  • Pull-out strength of MC4 connectors and cables used in the PV junction box
  • Assembly strength of the PV module frame to ensure it can withstand load bearing requirements
  • Puncture and flexural strength of the glass

Achieve regulatory compliance, test to a range of international standards e.g.ASTM, BS, DIN or in-house specifications. 

Our force, materials and torque test equipment offer you versatile, practical solutions to your quality control requirements at an attractive price.  We have over 40 years of experience in solving quality-control challenges in the energy industry.

Some of our customers


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“The MultiTest 2.5-i is very reliable and we have had no problems since we purchased it. Because it’s failure-free, accurate and has intuitive operation (very user-friendly software) it’s superior to the older control system from another supplier. It’s also worth to mention the after-sales support from ITA, Mecmesin’s Polish Distributor, is quick and efficient.”

Miroslaw Bratus, Production Purchase Coordinator
BMZ Poland Sp.z.o.o.

Case study
battery terminal pull-off, close-up
"We have made pull-out tests for many years, but with our new equipment, we get the result much quicker and with better accuracy. We can rapidly prepare and perform advanced tests and present the result in a more precise way for both customers and our colleagues, within research and development. The new equipment enables studies of how much force is needed to make a cable or pipe start moving within a seal. The test fixture was developed at CA Mätsystem AB (Mecmesin’s distributor) in Sweden, especially for Roxtec products, in order to enable a thorough testing of all existing Roxtec solutions. All results are stored in a database providing extended knowledge for future product development, as well as, useful information for customers and sales people."

Patrik Cederholm, Tests & Certificates Engineer
Roxtec International AB

Case study
Flexible pipe pull-out upper grip and graphical results console
Our customer’s quality laboratory decided to upgrade their equipment and contacted G.T. Michelli Co. to provide them with a new system. Initially we evaluated a Mecmesin competitor’s system, and it failed to meet the standards required. We had recently sold a Mecmesin torque tester to another customer and so were aware of the force test stands the company manufactures. I contacted Mecmesin’s technical sales engineers and supplied some samples and within days a complete solution was developed and demonstrated. This system now performs our customer’s tests seamlessly, with higher accuracy and less uncertainty than ever before. The system is so easy to use and the software so intuitive that the operator needed very little assistance!

Patrick Jester, Quality Assurance, Safety & Training
G.T. Michelli Co.

Case study
Self-levelling compression plate fixtures for MultiTest

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