Metals are at the heart of many technologically-advanced industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical not to mention the traditional sectors of construction, energy and machinery. Producers of metal products, components and machinery all face the challenge of testing to ensure that they meet published strength and performance ratings.

Understanding the characteristics of metals before, during and after they are processed is essential for design engineers and process-control professionals. Testing metallic materials until failure by applying static tensile, compressive and shear forces is a quick and practical way of determining their characterisation.

Metals are typically produced in a variety of forms and all use the classic mechanical strength testing methods of tensile, shear, compression and flexural bend to comply with a wide range of ASTM, ISO, EN and industry standards: Strips (hot- and cold-rolled), thin sheets and foils, rods and bars, wires and cables, pipes, castings and forgings, fasteners.

Mecmesin's force, torque and materials testing systems are used in a vast array of applications, a small number of which are:

  • tensile strength of:
    • copper metal rod
    • steel fibre for friction materials (eg brakes)
    • galvanised wire
    • steel and aluminium pipes
    • fabricated metal assemblies
    • fasteners
    • welded joints
    • wiring looms and harnesses
    • aluminium composite panels ('Climbing Drum peel test) 
  • compressive strength of:
    • axially-pressed sintered metal products
    • compacted metal powders ('Green Strength density test')
    • stamped parts ('press-out test')  
    • stainless steel bolts ('push-out test')
    • pipes 

Some of our customers


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We purchased the MultiTest 10-i to test 80% of the springs which we have in our railcars. The system is very easy to use and the program is convenient to test. Also the support of A & D Korea was very positive.

SC Yoon,
Seoul Metropolitan Railway Transit Corporation

Case study
Heavy-duty railcar spring under compression test and various sample sleeves
Not being an expert in force measurement, I have found Mecmesin to be an extremely capable partner in this field. They ensure that test solutions are found, they offer training in the use of the equipment and they are a competitive supplier of the service and calibration of all our measuring equipment.

Michaël Valdenaire, Quality Engineer
Soprofen Industrie

Case study
Tensile strength and cyclic sliding force tests
Longcroft Engineering has a requirement to accurately measure the force on springs for a wide variety of applications. Clients frequently request new concepts and designs, and Mecmesin has been able to provide the versatility and quality we require, so that we can serve these customers.

Colin Hurst, Quality Chief Inspector
Longcroft Engineering

Case study
The system is simple to use and produces good graphical data.

Roy McIntyre, Technical Manager
Alphatek Hyperformance Coatings

Case study
MultiTest Alphatek high performance plasma coating butt-joint test equipment
Historically, SFS intec UK has had to rely on our colleagues in Switzerland for all our product testing and reporting needs. Whilst this produced efficient results, it became apparent that we required a more time friendly and responsive solution for our local customers, so we decided to bring it in-house. Now, with the use of Mecmesin machinery which has been integrated into our facility at Leeds, we are able to offer an additional tailored ‘testing’ service for our UK customers, often much more quickly, whilst producing detailed results and accurate data.

Craig Johnson, Technical Advisor SFS intec
SFS Intec

Case study
Industrial fastener pull-out test fixturing

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