Tensile Testing: Extension, Elongation, Force & Failure

Mecmesin - Webinar event

The primary objective for measuring and analyzing the the tensile force value of a product is to accurately determine one or more of these factors:

  • How much force it takes to break the sample or cause it to fail.
  • The tensile force at a specific extension/elongation
  • The extension or elongation when a specific force is applied.

This webinar will feature a live demonstration that focuses on the proper process for selecting an ideal tensile force testing system, identifying and troubleshooting variables that impact tensile force values, setting up repeatable tensile force tests and establishing consistent testing standards for your products. Other important factors like how grip selection can affect test results will also be discussed.
What You’ll Learn in the Live Demonstration:

  • General Overview of Tensile Force Testing
  • Measuring Force at A Known Extension/Elongation
  • Measuring the Extension/Elongation at a known Force
  • Measuring Peak or Break Force
  • Selecting the ideal Grips
  • Establishing Pass/Fail Criteria
  • Troubleshooting Inconsistent test results or non-repeatable tests