Automotive Component Torque Testing

Mecmesin - On-demand event
Moses Da Rocha

This webinar will focus on the measurement of the torque resistance in knobs, switches, and torsion springs, which are among several components in automobiles that require testing to ensure quality, performance, and safety. As well as common torque applications in the Automotive Industry and test methods. The scope of this webinar is not about the torque of the automotive engine.

Testing these components essentially involves measuring how they react under torque. For instance, how far do you need to turn a knob to activate a command or feature in order to perform a given function. Or how much torque can be applied to a torsion spring before it starts to fail.

What You’ll Learn in the Webinar and Live Demonstration:

  • Overview of Torque Testing
  • The importance of Torque Testing in the Automotive Industry
  • Automotive Component Testing Applications
  • Measuring Torque Resistance
  • Establishing Pass/Fail Criteria
  • Troubleshooting Inconsistent test results or non-repeatable tests
  • Selecting the Ideal Testing Equipment &Test Fixtures

Who should attend? 
Manufacturing, Production and Quality Managers and Engineers involved in: 

  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Automotive Parts Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineering Students and Professionals 

Presenter: Moses da Rocha