Essentials of Adhesion (Peel) Testing

Mecmesin - On-demand event

Across many households and industries, consumers have developed a strong preference for and confidence in ‘Duct Tape’ for all types of uses and applications. This is mainly due to the adhesion strength.

Adhesives permeate all facets of life from everyday uses, to critical medical applications. This webinar will focus on the importance of peel and adhesion strength testing and the methods used by manufacturers to ensure quality and comfort.
What You’ll Learn :

  • The importance of Adhesion strength testing
  • How good Adhesion enhances product quality
  • What happens when samples fail
  • The different Types of Adhesion strength testing
  • Industries where adhesion testing is critical
  • Best methods of Adhesion strength Testing (Manual, Motorized or Automated)


Who should attend: 

Manufacturing, Production and Quality Workers and Engineers involved in or who are new to the topic of peel testing.