Mechanical Performance Testing of Medical Devices Webinar

Mechanical Performance Testing of Medical Devices Webinar

Mecmesin - On-demand event
Moses Da Rocha

Mechanical Performance Testing of Medical Devices Webinar – a hands-on Force and Torque How-to demonstration event


Proof of concept testing, or feasibility testing, is used to demonstrate that critical design features of a developed concept will function as intended. Put simply, feasibility testing attempts to answer the question of will this idea work. Testing concepts early on, before significant time and money have been invested into development, helps to mitigate risk during the medical device design process. Building upon early design concepts and engineering evaluations, engineers and product designers can identify and execute the necessary early-stage testing of a medical device concept to prove feasibility.


In this webinar, we will provide an overview and test demonstration of the standards associated with vial sealing (ISO 8362-7), force testing of needles and syringes (ISO 7886-1), calculating penetration force and syringe plunger force, setting up actuation tests, and establishing pass/fail criteria. Additionally, we will discuss force/torque measurement testing of Luer locks (ISO 80369-20) and other medical containers.


What we’ll review:

  • General Overview of the applicable test methods, and custom procedures
  • Selecting the ideal testing equipment, grips & fixtures, and software overview
  • Establishing Pass/Fail Criteria
  • Data analysis
  • Troubleshooting Inconsistent test results or non-repeatable tests


Who should attend?


R&D, Manufacturing, Production, and Quality Managers and Engineers involved in:


Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

Medical Vial Rubber Seal Manufacturers