Tensile Testing for Wiring Harness Connections

Mecmesin - Webinar event

The only way of really knowing the strength of a crimped terminal is to pull it. This can reveal production problems, where strand nicks, incorrect crimp height, or effects from changes in terminal supply, may not be clearly apparent.

This fundamentals webinar will focus on measuring and analyzing the strength of Crimp, Solder and Lug Wire Connections in wiring harnesses, and electronic cable assemblies, identifying, and troubleshooting variables that impact tensile testing results, setting-up repeatable tensile tests and establishing consistent testing standards for your products.   
What we will discuss in the Webinar and live demonstration:

  • General overview of Destructive and Non-destructive pull force testing
  • Measuring Crimp and Connector Removal Forces
  • Testing to UL, MIL and TYCO Specifications
  • Selecting the ideal Tester
  • Selecting the ideal Grips or Fixtures
  • Establishing Pass/Fail Criteria
  • Troubleshooting inconsistent test results or non-repeatable tests

Who should attend? 
R&D, Test, Manufacturing, Production and Quality personnel involved in: 

  • Cable assembly, cord set and wiring harness manufacturers
  • Users of wiring harnesses – incoming inspection, on-line checks
  • Low volume finished goods producers that make their own harnesses