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Pneumatic top-load control for CRC cap torque testing

14 June 2019

Customised engineering example

Testing the opening torque of child-resistant bottle caps requires the application of a simultaneous downward force to overcome the safety mechanism. This axial downward force is applied by dead-weights during the testing process.

Repeatedly raising and lowering the dead-weights in a testing sequence is much easier, quicker and more secure when the process is automated. Our client wanted to eliminate the effort for operators to manually lift dead-weights. Mecmesin supplied a pneumatic lifting mechanism adapted for the client's Vortex torque test stand. It raised the dead-weights to allow a new specimen to be inserted into the Vortex test machine, and then smoothly lowered the torque head and weights onto the cap ready for testing.

By semi-automating the process our client was able to make batch testing quicker, more reliable, and less tiring for the operator to perform.

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