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Hygienic disposal bin closure testing

27 June 2019

Customised engineering example

A manufacturer of hygienic disposal bins came to us with a nappy (diaper) disposal unit fitted with a rotary intake mechanism. The bin was 30 cm wide with its opening being at 45 degrees, thus making it difficult to hold axially below a torque sensor.

Mecmesin designed a rotating platform at 45 degrees to secure the rotary intake mechanism neatly in line with the torque sensor. The standard Vortex torque tester was fitted with wider columns to accept the disposal bin. To operate the mechanism a custom-designed mandrel was made to fit the exact form of the knob. The mandrel is placed on the knob and then driven by a peg connected to the torque sensor.

The result was a cost-effective motorised tester for rapid, repeatable testing of applied and release torque ..and the peace of mind to ensure consistent quality of the manufactured units.

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