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Peel testing for Health Care Products


Salts Healthcare, a leading manufacturer and supplier of health care products required a low capacity system for testing the integrity of their hydrocolloid products.


Salts Heathcare chose the Mecmesin MultiTest 1-i because of its accuracy at low loads, ease-of-use and adaptability. They use the MultiTest 1-i to conduct quality tests on their hydrocolloid products. Tack testing tests the adhesive qualities of hydrocolloids ensuring that the hydrocolloid products adhere adequately to the skin. The MultiTest 1-i is used to test samples every 30 minutes and the results are used by R&D and Production Control to ensure hydrocolloid product integrity.


"The MultiTest-i has been purchased to test the physical properties of raw materials and finished products. The 10N loadcell is able to measure to two decimal place, which gives a very sensitive and accurate reading, and this test works very well.  The MultiTest 1-i meets our needs and with time has proved user-friendly."

A Jamesova
Salts Healthcare