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The MultiTest 1-i has been purchased to test the physical properties of raw materials and finished products. The 10N loadcell is able to measure to two decimal places, which gives a very sensitive and accurate reading, and this test works very well. The MultiTest 1-i meets our needs and with time has proved user friendly.

Adriana Jamesova,
Salts Healthcare

Case study
T-peel system and accessories suitable for healthcare products
In order to meet the British Standard regarding heat seal strengths on medical pouches, Mecmesin provided an operator-friendly system, which displays data in graphical format to clearly show compliance to the standard.

David Dixon, Quality Assurance Technician
Rocket Medical Plc

Case study
Heat-sealed medical pouch T-peel test
우리는 제품 측정 프로그램과 데이터를 Excel 문서로 내보내고 저장할 수있는 가능성에 만족합니다.

Danila Bavcon, 생산 관리자
Ekstel doo

Case study
R & D 실험실에서 테스트중인 방수 테이프 표본

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