MEC7-1 Eccentric Cam Grip

Fitted with a pyramid-faced serrated 50mm wide roller cam. As a load is applied to a specimen the cam self-tightens , spreading the load evenly.

The lever allows for quick insertion and release of specimen to reduce testing time and facilitate ease-of-use for the operator.

Suitable for testing of flexible and soft materials like films, plastics, rubbers etc.

Pyramid (serrated) faced roller, 25mm Ø
Clamping width 50mm,
Specimen thickness 0 – 7 mm
Maximum load: 1 kN

Fitted with a QC-20mm female hole for connection to the base of test stands and to loadcells.
Eccentric Cam Grip, 1 kN. Pyramidal-faced roller (serrated), pair, QC fitting
Lever-operated Cam Grip, QC fitting DS-1041-02-L00 Lever-operated Cam Grip, QC fitting DS-1041-02-L00

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Load Rating
1 kN
( 220 lbf )


Quick Change
20 mm
509 g
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