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vp-logo-smVectorPro™ MT Materials Testing Software

VectorPro™ MT software has been designed to work with the OmniTest™ and ELS-equipped MultiTest-dV ranges of bench-top frames to efficiently perform both product & materials testing procedures. Its clear icon-driven user-interface ensures it is completely intuitive to use with the minimum of training. Together with in-built stress-strain calculations and powerful reporting tools, it is the ideal choice for quality assurance checks at the production line and in the QC lab or, for more in-depth analysis of material properties, in the R&D laboratory.

For medical & pharmaceutical clients the database architecture provides audit trail and e-signature functionality to help facilitate compliance to FDA 21 CFR Part 11.


  • Simple, workflow-focussed design featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop Graphical User Interface
  • Personalised user-accounts with simplifi ed workspaces for quick access to all tests and commonly-used favourites.
  • ‘Prompt for Value’ feature requires a compulsory user-input before performing the test to ensure no essential information is missed.
  • Icon-driven approach to enhance clarity for users.
  • Instant pass/fail indication according to your specification criteria.
  • Touch screen enabled.
Tension and compression testing of materials and products


  • Stress-Strain machine control and data analysis: test in both tensile and compressive directions by running to target load, position, stress, strain and break.
  • Universal tensile and compression testing capability for general product tests.
  • Permissions-based log-on with password protections to control who can create or run tests, view results, and produce reports.
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 audit trail available—event log records and supervisor e-signature authorisation for actions.


  • Ability to change graph axes between stress, strain, load, displacement, time to better understand the test data.
  • Customisable results table and PDF reporting tool—present the data the way that you and your customer wish to see it.
  • Export data to Excel or in a format suitable for SPC software packages—easily networkable for remote access by supervisors and managers.
  • Language customisation—use the same software across your company’s world-wide locations. Full support and back-up from Mecmesin’s international distributors is assured.


Windows® 7 or Windows® 10 (64 bit versions recommended). Interfaces with Microsoft® Outlook 2010 or above, and Excel 2007 or above.


Build Tests

standard materials specimens are available

VectorPro™ MT features a drag and drop methodology to apply all the operations needed to create a test program, apply common stress-strain calculations and build reports. Using icon-driven prompts create even the most elaborate test routines in moments and refine them as you go.

The interface guides the user to build test sequences and select standard specimen types and operations based on the type of test being conducted.

standard materials specimens are available

Materials testing

material properties calculations are standard in VectorPro MT software

In addition to all traditional product testing calculations (peak load, average load, load at displacement etc.), VectorPro™ MT includes a comprehensive range of stress-strain domain calculations, available to be included in the results analysis of the test routine. Pass/fail parameters can be easily added for each calculation and clearly displayed to operators.

  • Elastic Modulus (Young’s Modulus)
  • 0.2% Offset Yield
  • Yield (steel and plastic)
  • Ultimate tensile strength (UTS)
  • Stress and Strain at Break
  • Flexural modulus 3 & 4 point
  • Secant modulus

Data and Export


VectorPro™ MT is designed to help facilitate meeting FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, incorporating the following features:

  • Complete fl exibility to compare the plots of all tested specimens or simply select out the specimens you wish to compare.
  • Add spot calculations not included in the original test profile view temporarily.
  • Select out the specimens you want to compare, and adjust calculation parameters temporarily or to save.
  • Link to the network so managers and operators alike can review test results remotely at their convenience.
  • Export raw data or test results to Excel files.
  • Automatically email a table of results at end of test.
  • Compare the plots of tested specimens across different test methods.
  • Create a test report including company logos, test results, graphs and notes, then print or save as PDF.


FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Event log and audit trail capability
  • Time stamped Event Log entries:
    • Operator ID
    • Description of action
    • Supervisor comment
  • Supervisor authorisation
  • Only viewable by the administrator
  • Print option