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Tensile Test on Rubber


British Gaskets are a major manufacturer of gaskets, sealing products and mouldings. These are made from a variety of materials to suit a range of applications. British Gaskets required a test system to ensure the rubber and polymer materials Neoprene, Viton, EPDM and Silicone meet their quality control standards and were fit for purpose.


Mecmesin supplied British Gaskets with a twin-column MultiTest 10-i twin-column force testing system, driven by Mecmesin's powerful Emperor software. The MultiTest 10-i is used to conduct tensile tests to find the elongation limit and tensile strength of the materials, with reference to BS 903-A2, 1995. Rubber dumbbell samples are placed between 2 spring loaded fold grips and stretched until the material breaks. The MultiTest 10-i provides fully automated control of all test parameters and the test results are displayed graphically within the software, showing clearly at what point the material breaks during the test. British Gaskets chose the MultiTest 10-i as a cost-effective alternative to outsourcing their materials testing process.


  • MultiTest 10-i
  • 1000 N loadcell
  • Spring Loaded Fold Grips and Test Hooks


'We use the Mecmesin MultiTest 10-i system to perform regular quality control tests to guarantee the quality of our supplied materials. Mecmesin provided us with a cost-effective solution to our needs and exceptional customer service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies with materials testing requirements.'

Michael Hubbard, Business Quality Manager, The British Gaskets Group