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Test summary

(Test standard withdrawn by ASTM, January 2016)

This ASTM test method measures the torque developed when type 1A child-resistant closures are rotated counter-clockwise. Type 1A closures are reclosable continuous threaded containers that use a random push down while turning: no orientation of the push down force is necessary

Test apparatus


Separate, unused containers and closures are sampled in accordance with established statistical sampling procedures. If required, they may be conditioned in a controlled temperature and humidity environment as detailed in this ASTM standard.

Test method

  1. The container is secured in the torque meter grips so that the axis of rotation of the cap is concentric with the centre of the moveable plate on which the container rests.

  2. Apply the closure with the recommended application torque in accordance with test method D 3810 and D 3198 or as specified by the closure manufacturer.

  3. With the container still in the torque meter, turn the closure counter-clockwise steadily for at least three complete revolutions of the outer cap. Do not exert any vertical force.

  4. The highest reading on the torque meter is the reverse-ratchet torque.


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