Emperor™ Torque software

Easy-to-use software with almost limitless freedom to design and customise torque tests to suit your needs. Developed by Mecmesin in close collaboration with our customers, Emperor is now trusted by over 5,000 companies for the detailed testing and evaluation of their products.

Create simple tests for the production line and more complex laboratory tests to prove design standards are met.

Freedom and support to meet your torque testing needs

Easily create step-by-step test routines

Start measuring torque and evaluating your products in just a few minutes by creating your own step-by-step test routines. We will help get you started and are always on hand to support you.

Unlimited user licenses

Every test system comes with a full and unlimited user licence for Emperor torque testing software. There are no hidden extras or limitations - you get the full package.

Share data files easily around the world

Copy and install the software on any computer making it easier to share data files with colleagues around the world.

Key features


Intuitive user interface

Build test routines step by step

Favourite one-touch tests


Realtime graph plotting

Display measured and calculated values

Clear pass/fail indication


Standard and customisable templates

Print results to Adobe PDF format

Export data to Excel and SPC packages

Trusted by over 5,000 customers worldwide

Software control

Emperor torque testing software runs on any Windows computer. The software takes full control of the test frame motor whilst simultaneously collecting data from the ITC torque sensor and angle encoder.

Start your chosen routine from a PC or console and Emperor automates the complete test procedure.

Easy to use

Design and configure step-by-step test routines to match your testing procedures. An intuitive interface makes it easy to create, customise and save tests.

Consistently apply torque to the specimen up to a preset limit or until it breaks, rotate the specimen to a certain angle or cycle it several times to measure its performance.

Console mode for operators

Dedicated mode for the production line environment - designed for routine testing with minimal training. Launch with one touch of a favourite test icon.

To keep things really simple and secure you can even control individual operator access to specific tests and software functions.

Realtime results

Measurement data is displayed on a graph as the test runs, so that the user can see exactly how the specimen is performing.

Data from the ITC torque sensor and angle encoder is collected by Emperor torque software at an impressive 1,000 times per second (1 kHz).

Pass or fail indicator

A clear pass (green) or fail (red) indication leaves an operator in no doubt about the status of each specimen, based on your test standards.

Report and analyse

A powerful reporting module allows you to configure test reports to present data the way your customer wants to see it.

The library of preset calculations makes analysing the data simple.

Share your data

All the test data can be exported to Microsoft Excel or for a statistical process control (SPC) package.

You can install copies of Emperor on other computers to share your customised test routines and results data.

We're here to help

Our technical engineers will help you get started and show you how to configure routines to your exact testing requirements.

We are always on hand to support you and if you need any advice or guidance after installation.


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