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Train sliding door slam force tester

16 May 2019


  • Digital force gauge with display
  • Clamping fixture and claw accessory


  • Portable tester for use in any environment
  • Quick results displayed immediately
  • Data storage in the gauge of sample tests


A portable device was specified for testing the force required to activate the inbuilt safety device when automatic doors close on trains.

It needed to be simple to use by an untrained operator and robust enough for repeated use in the field.


An S-Beam loadcell was housed in a protective box and fitted with radiused arms either side, which made contact with the doors.

The 1200Hz data-acquisition speed of the AFTI display was crucial in obtaining repeatable results of the peak compressive force applied to the loadcell by the closing doors. The loadcell was then connected to the AFTI display. In addition, the customer requested a blanking plate to cover the buttons of the AFTI, which would not be used by the operator.

Note : This configuration is also suitable for testing other types of automatic doors. For example, lifts and office doors.

Test equipment

  • AFTI Mk 1 Display (Superceded by Train Door Closing Force Tester)
  • Pistol Grip
  • S-Beam Loadcell 500 N (in protective housing and radiused arm fixture)
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