Efficiency in the time of COVID Scaling syringe and vial manufacturing

We’ve collated all the data we have into a single whitepaper, which we are making freely available to those who need a quick reference guide to the type of testing that can be done in the syringes and vials arena.

Robert Egginton
UK Sales Manager, Mecmesin

Mecmesin machine testing a needle

Affordable syringe and vial testing

The humble syringe is currently the only vehicle that can deliver what is arguably the world’s most valuable substance, the COVID-19 vaccine. Yet, syringes are in short supply.

According to one of the globe’s biggest syringe makers, Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices (HMD), 10 billion syringes are needed to vaccinate but 60% of the global population. This has seen syringe (and glass vial) manufacturers racing to increase output to meet demand. But such hurried escalation of production comes with its own challenges – one being quality control.

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