Syringe plunger breakaway and glide force

PDV13017 syringe fixture 8.5 mm collet
PDV13017 syringe fixture 8.5 mm collet
PDV15141 syringe tester
PDV15141 syringe tester

Customised engineering example

The majority of syringes are single-use, disposable and manually-operated. Smooth and consistent operation of the plunger is essential when administering drugs from the syringe, so plunger operation force is the subject of various international test standards.  ISO 7866-1 covers plastic hypodermic syringes, ISO 8537 covers syringes for insulin, ISO 11040-4 covers pre-filled glass syringes and ISO 11608-5 covers automated needle-based drug delivery systems.

Using a software-controlled test from Mecmesin allows the key lubricity parameters of the plunger and barrel to be accurately and repeatably tested :

- the initial 'breakaway force' to start the plunger moving
- the 'glide force' to keep it moving
- the min. max. and mean forces during the return stroke of the plunger

Mecmesin designs custom fittings for all syringe styles and sizes. This ensures correct alignment and a secure grip without distortion of the plunger and barrel. For filled syringes, a reservoir container allows the collection of aspirated fluid. 

Syringe custom fixture example for testing fill and expel (PDV17142)
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