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MultiTest-dV Motorised Force Testers

MultiTest-dV precision control universal tester

The MultiTest-dV range comprises three outstanding value, superior, motorised force testers. Designed for precision-controlled compression and tension testing, the dV’s simple controls, backed by sophisticated electronics, make it the ideal choice as your central platform for a wide range of routine testing.

Simple controls and integrated display

Its multifunctional control wheel allows precise setting of speed and position, while its coloured LEDs clearly indicate machine status during testing.

Configure to include data analysis or add materials testing

MultiTest-dV is the heart of your solution, configureable with loadcell and software options to meet your specific testing requirements. Combine with a digital force gauge for routine testing, configure with VectorPro Lite software for graphical data acquisition, or combine with a precision load sensor (ELS) and VectorPro MT software for basic materials testing.

Versatile product tester: Option 1

Standalone tester QC checking with a gauge and software

Use standalone with a gauge or add VectorPro Lite for graphs and data

Stand-alone product tester: Configuration A

Configure with any one of the Mecmesin range of Advanced Force Gauges (AFG) to test to a target load or crosshead displacement limit, or to a load limit or a until a break is detected. For many applications, this popular standalone MultiTest-dV configuration provides a highly versatile and affordable solution.

Expanded product tester: Configuration B

VectorPro logoAdd VectorPro™ Lite software to a MultiTest-dV with AFG, for data acquisition, reporting and exporting, graph plotting, results calculation, and storage of regular test routines. This configurations is ideal for applications where the true physical characteristics of the specimen cannot be determined by peak-load only.

Basic materials tester: Option 2

Basic materials testing for QC or research with VectorPro MT software

Add VectorPro MT for materials testing calculations with an optional extensometer

VectorPro logoBy selecting an Enhanced Load Sensor (ELS) coupled with VectorPro™ MT software, the MultiTest-dV range is transformed into a simple yet powerful materials tester.

The ELS is available in 10 load capacities from 2.5 N to 2.5 kN, with exceptional accuracy and precision for materials testing applications.
VectorPro MT (Materials Testing) software adds stress-strain domain calculations to the standard VectorPro Lite calculations and makes use of true specimen displacement values when an optional extensometer is connected:

  • Young’s modulus (Elastic modulus)
  • Yield strength
  • Offset yield
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS)
  • Stress and strain at break
  • Flexural modulus (3 point)

MultiTest 0.5-dv with AFG1 dv AFG2.5 dv AFG

The MultiTest-dV range: 0.5, 1.0 and 2.5 kN
(click images to find out more about each model)

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