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Cork Extraction Test


Sibel manufacture corks for the wine and spirits industry in the Champagne region of France. They pride themselves on working closely with their clients, taking into account their requirements and expectations for safety. A factor concerning Champagne and sparkling wine, in particular, is the risk of injury from a 'popped' cork when opening a bottle. Even when handled properly, pressure within the neck of the bottle means a cork could be released at approximately 100km/h.

Sibel manufacture MYTIK corks using advanced industrial technology to enable easier uncorking. To guarantee product quality, Sibel needed to test the cork extraction force using a torque measuring device.


The Champagne industry used to measure the extraction force of corks manually by a human physically pulling them out. This method only provided a subjective assessment, therefore no standard quality measure was established.

To rectify this, a Mecmesin digital system was selected to perform quality checks before shipment of products. A torque screwdriver connected to an AFG digital display measures the torque required to begin rotation of the cork. A dedicated accessory is used to securely grip the cork, enabling its safe release. Using this digital system provides a more accurate and repeatable measurement compared to the old method. Within the Champagne region, an acceptable band for released of the cork has been set between 1.5N.m - 2.5N.m.


  • 'Smart' Torque Screwdriver 10N.m
  • Dedicated accessory for holding 'Champagne' cork
  • Advanced Force Gauge (AFG) 1000 N used as a display for torque sensor


'As a responsible supplier, we are committed to ensuring safety within our products. The solution provided by Mecmesin means we can monitor the extraction force of our corks to guarantee our customers receive a consistent end product.'

Frederic Junge, Oenologist - Quality Manager, Sibel SA - Oeneo Subsidiary.