Featured or equivalent test standards for Mecmesin solutions in this section

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Test summary

These standards describes the methods for testing the performance of 6% Luer lock fittings including assembly, leak tightness, stress cracking, and separation force. High precision reference fittings are assembled to the fitting under test by simultaneously applying a specified axial force and application torque. Mecmesin’s Helixa can be used to assemble the fittings as specified for subsequent testing as appropriate

Test apparatus

Relevant gender reference fittings.

Standards masses to provide a constant axial force as required by the relevant standard

Test method

The Helixa can be programmed to apply an application torque as specified in the standard. Masses can be added to the carrier tray to provide a constant download as the fittings are assembled. If required, individual or batch identity can be entered for traceability purposes. Pre-programed tests can be selected on the touch screen console, and are conducted automatically. All results are stored in the system, and they can also be exported to a house data-logging or SPC system. Printed or .pdf reports are also available

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