ABC-t Automated bottle closure tester

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The ABC-t is an automated bottle closure tester to measure both initial slip and bridge torque of a complete batch of roll-on-pilfer-proof (ROPP) closures.

Automated batch testing of closures ensures repeatability without the need for an operator during the testing period.

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Emperor™ Software

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Emperor™ Torque software

Easy-to-use software with almost limitless freedom to design and customise torque tests to suit your needs. Developed by Mecmesin in close collaboration with our customers, Emperor™ is now trusted by over 5,000 companies for the detailed testing and evaluation of their products.

Create simple tests for the production line and more complex laboratory tests to prove design standards are met.

Key features


Intuitive user interface

Build test routines step by step

Favourite one-touch tests


Real-time graph plotting

Display measured and calculated values

Clear pass/fail indication


Standard and customisable templates

Print results to Adobe PDF format

Export results to Excel and SPC packages

Trusted by over 5,000 customers worldwide

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The ABC-t fully-automated bottle closure torque tester is a software-controlled test system that measures both initial slip torque and bridge torque across a wide range of roll-on-pilfer-proof (ROPP) closures.

It accurately measures the removal torque of a batch of bottles/closures and automatically retightens each closure on the bottle to avoid liquid spillage.

Results are calculated for overall batch tightness, helping to monitor production for any variance in applied torque by the capping heads.

Problems can be identified and alerted to production immediately, thereby maximising productivity.

Developed by Mecmesin in collaboration with customers from the bottling industry, the ABC-t offers the immediate benefits of increased test throughput and removes the need for an operator to be present for the whole testing period.

A rotary carousel indexes the bottle to the correct position and the torque measuring head is lowered under control allowing the closure to be pneumatically clamped. Emperor Torque software controls the complete test sequence whilst simultaneously capturing all the test data.

Results are then exported to spreadsheets, peripheral devices, and statistical process control (SPC) packages for seamless integration with the factory’s quality system.

The ABC-t creates an automation of the testing process which, not only frees up quality control staff to focus on other tasks, but delivers the controlled test conditions to deliver outstanding measurement repeatability and accuracy. 

Product datasheets

Product Brochures

ABC-t Automated Bottle Closure Tester - Datasheet ABC-t Automated Bottle Closure Tester - Datasheet

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

  • Measure initial slip torque
  • Detect bridge torque peak
  • Re-apply cap to prevent spillage
  • Simple push-button test selection
  • Automation frees up time for other tasks
  • Identify capping adjustment requirements
  • Freely programmable for all torque tests
  • Pneumatic actuation for speed and efficiency


Versatile design and ease of operation mean the ABC-t can be customised to meet the specific needs of your bottles and closures.

Speak to one of our Technical Engineers to discuss your requirements.

  • Bottle dimensions
  • Closure dimensions
  • Carousel batch size
  • Grip force
  • Applied torque
  • Test profile: slip, bridge, removal torque

Typically 18 bottles can be fully tested in under 10 minutes.

Talk to your Mecmesin representative in your country for solutions, pricing and support

Got a question about a product? Your local representative is...

Mecmesin/PPT Group, UK