ElmaTear Digital Elmendorf Tear Tester

ElmaTear Digital Elmendorf Tear Tester
Digital Elmendorf Tear Tester with TestWise™ software and touch-screen. Supplied with easy to fit pendulum weights suitable for testing woven and non-woven textiles as well as paper, plastic and other sheet materials.

Emperor™ Software

James Heal | Martindale touchscreen instrument interface

TestWise Touch™

Our designers work closely with our customers and our textile technologists in a working laboratory to produce an intuitive touchscreen interface to make the Martindale easy to control.

The familiar feel of a touchscreen similar to devices used in everyday life makes the different features easy to access, navigation quick and simple, ensuring operators become experts instantly.

Key features


Intuitive touchscreen interface

Quick and easy to set a test

Clear test progress and end time


Easily accessible settings

Jog function and variable speed control

Individual station counters and 'hold' function


Select required number of stations

Increased test efficiency and cost reduction

Work with a language you understand



Digital Elmendorf Tear Tester with TestWise™ software and touch-screen. Supplied with easy to fit pendulum weights suitable for testing woven and non-woven textiles as well as paper, plastic and other sheet materials.

Elmendorf tear propagation resistance testing

ElmaTear is used to test the tearing strength of paper, plastic, woven & non woven materials.

It measures the tear force required to propagate a single-rip tear of defined length from a cut in a fabric when a sudden force is applied by a weighted pendulum. A selection of weights are used to achieve the desired outcome.

This test application is not applicable to knitted textile fabrics or anisotropic materials

Variety of applications

Woven textiles

  • Shirts.
  • Trousers.
  • Domestic fabrics.

Non-woven textiles

  • Surgical gowns.
  • Shopping bags.
  • Disposable clothing


  • Envelopes.
  • Brochure pages.
  • Bank notes.

Non-woven textiles

  • Document wallets
  • Food Packaging
  • Films.

Pre-loaded test standards

An extensive list of pre-loaded standards, organised by sample type are included, with options to amend or create new ones. Test parameters are pre-set to minimise downtime between testing.


  • ASTM D 1424
  • GB/T 3917.1
  • EN ISO 13937-1
  • ISO 4674-2
  • M&S P29
  • NEXT 17
  • AS 2001.2.8
  • BIS IS 6489-1
  • CAN/CGSB 4.2 No.12.3
  • JIS L 1096 Method D


  • WSP 100.1


  • GB/T 455
  • ISO 1974
  • TAPPI T414
  • AS/NZS 1301.400S


  • ASTM D 1922
  • ISO 6383-2
  • JIS K 7128-2
  • BIS IS 13360-5-23
  • GB/T 16578.2

Product datasheets

Product Brochures

ElmaTear - James Heal sales toolkit (PDF) ElmaTear - James Heal sales toolkit (PDF)

Key specs

Conditioned atmosphere recommended



Bench standing

Space requirements

63.4 cm (height)
36.5 cm (width)
61.7 cm (depth)


85 to 264V AC 50/60Hz

Single phase


Rating per phase (A)




Standard accessories

  • 4 Rubber-Covered Jaw Inserts
  • 5 Pendulum Weights (0.5A-D)
  • 6 Check Weights (0.25A-D)
  • 4 Specimen Preparation Templates (772-108, 772-109, 772-117 & 772-118) 1 Cutting Board
  • 1 Spare Blade
  • 1 Blade Setting Tool

Optional E-Pendulum Kit

Extends capacity to 12800gf (28.2 lbf)

  • 1 x Set Pendulum Weights (E)
  • 1 x Check Weight (E)
  • 1 x Set (4) Pyramidal Profile (interlocking) Jaw Inserts

Features and benefits

  • Range of weights
    A, B, C, D and two additional lighter weights, ½A and ¼A, are included as standard. An optional E Pendulum kit is available for testing up to 128 N.
  • Standards-driven
    A comprehensive list of existing standards organised by sample type are available for selection. The details of each standard are predefined within the instrument.
  • TestWise for ElmaTear
    TestWise for ElmaTear packages results and sends them to a computer, where the user can add more detail, create graphs or save to PDF.
  • 7-inch, full-colour touchscreen
    A capacitive touch screen increases functionality and makes the instrument easier to use.
  • Intelligent testing
    ElmaTear identifies the acceptable range of results for each standard and warns the user when their testing falls outside of this.
  • Pendulum self-verification
    This routine verification ensures the pendulum is performing correctly in between annual calibrations. It means the user can be certain of accurate and reliable testing every time, with minimal input required from them.


  • A two hand release mechanism ensures the user is clear of the pendulum.
  • Long-life, increased efficiency, enclosed blade.
  • Safety buttons placed at more than hands width apart.


  • Innovative rotary cam lock jaws with increased clamping strength.
  • Rubber drop mat.
  • Specimen notch detection.
  • Spirit level for easy and accurate levelling.


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