Page Pull Tester
Perfect binding adhesive strength tester

Dedicated tester for the page-pull strength measurement of perfect-bound books

The Mecmesin 'Pira' Page Pull Tester is used in over 100 binderies across the world.

It provides a robust, economical and reproducible method of measuring the page pull strength of perfect-bound books.

By enabling an efficient binding endurance test, the Page Pull Tester is a proven reliable quality control and assessment tool, identifying many binding adhesion problems as they occur.

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Mecmesin's Page Pull Tester, formerly known as the Smithers Pira Booktester, enables the evaluation of the page adhesion quality of so-called perfect-bound books and magazines.

This dedicated product is quick and easy to use, and requires no compressed air or mains power supply so it can be used anywhere.

Page pull strength test

The binding endurance test determines the force required to pull a page from the spine of a book.

The adhesive joint strength is calculated in N/cm by dividing the peak force required to remove the page by the page height.

The test is applicable to books bound with adhesives such as hotmelts and emulsions including PUR (polyurethane), EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and PVA (polyvinyl acetate).

Setting a performance specification for page pull strength is difficult without a standard method of measurement.

Using the Mecmesin Page Pull Tester, the following page pull strength values have been found to be a reliable measure of performance:

Pull strength range Binding performance
Below 5 N/cm Unacceptable
5 - 7.25 N/cm Satisfactory
7.25 - 9 N/cm Good
Above 9 N/cm Very good

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Page Pull Tester Page Pull Tester

Key specs


Max force

500 N

Max page height

32cm (12.6")

Max book thickness

5.1cm (2")

A convenient scale is included to measure the page height and accurately align the test specimen.

Stand dimensions


10kg (22lb)


608mm (24")


402mm (15.8")


305mm (12")


Features and benefits

Features and benefits

  • Claims protection - identify problems before they cost you money
  • Increased sales - demonstrate capability to prospective customers
  • Quality assurance - log performance and prove consistent quality
  • Better purchasing decisions - test new adhesives on site
  • Optimised maintenance - detect machine faults and avoid costly downtime
  • Problem-solving - identify existing problems quickly and efficiently


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