Extension rod 30mm long supplied with locking nut to ensure alignment of grip. Comprises 10-32 UNF female to 10-32 UNF male threads.
Suitable for use with digital force gauges made from 1990 - 2006.
extension rod with nut 500N, 10-32 UNF
extension rod with nut 30mm 432-116 application photo
Extension Rods DS-1127-03-L00 Extension Rods DS-1127-03-L00

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Load Rating
500 N
( 110 lbf )


First thread Second thread
F / 10-32 UNF M / 10-32 UNF
7 g
432-(006,116,007,186,008,117,187,123) Ext Rod338 byte 432-(006,116,007,186,008,117,187,123) Ext Rod
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