Part Number
MEC23-344-20-St :

Round compression plate in hardened steel featuring concentric circles for helping operators to place samples centrally. Suitable for hard specimens such as metals, hard plastics, small stones and granules.

344mm diameter.

Fitted with QC-20mm female connection.

MEC23 is a fixed compression plate. For self-levelling compression plates see model MecS 223
phosphated hardened steel compression plate, 156 mm, QC20 fitting
Compression plate nickel round spring lower application
Compression plate round upper lower application
Compression Plates, QC fitting DS-1005-03 Compression Plates, QC fitting DS-1005-03

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20 mm
25 kg
Mec23-XX-X-XX Generic DIMLESS Mec23-XX-X-XX Generic DIMLESS
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