Alluris FMT-W30
Manual Pull Tester

Mecmesin - Alluris FMT-W30 manual wire terminal crimp tester

The FMT-W30 is a manually-operated pull tester available in 2 models with a tensile strength capacity up to either 500N (110 lbf) or 1000N (220 lbf).

Compact and rugged it is specifically designed for ease of use with minimal training, and is an ideal solution for basic testing of the pull strength of crimped wire terminals right at the point of production.

The instrument is portable and can be mains or solar-powered for an independent power supply and low cost of ownership.

Its manual operation enables quick checks to be performed easily, where the need to pull at a constant speed is considered to be not required.

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The FMT-W30 manual wire-terminal pull tester, manufactured by Mecmesin's sister company Alluris, is designed for crimped wire terminal testing where budgets are limited and it has been decided to overlook the recommendations in test standards to test at a constant pull rate. 

Two versions are available in two capacities; 500N (110 lbf) and 1000N (220 lbf)

The lever operation of the FMT-W30 pull tester makes it very easy to use, and ideal as a portable device in situations where a constant pull speed is deemed not essential, or where mains power is not available to run a motorised pull tester.

The crimp receptacle fixture has 12 slots ranging in width from 0.5 – 6 mm covering AWG 8-30 for quick and easy loading of the terminal. The cable is clamped securely in a cam by a fast-action lever before starting the automatic test at the push of a button. The digital display captures peak load at 1000 Hz and clearly indicates the pull strength result of the test in newtons, pounds-force or kilo-force.  Data can be stored and transmitted to optional software for generating a test report.

The rugged design features nitride-hardened steel and a scratch-resistant base-plate with non-slip feet. This basic portable device is ideal as an economic pull tester for use in a variety of settings.

Product datasheets

Product Brochures

Brochure - FMT-W43 (EN) Brochure - FMT-W43 (EN)
Brochure - FMT-W43 (FR) Brochure - FMT-W43 (FR)

Key specs

Capacity (f.s.) and Resolution
  FMT-W30C5 FMT-W30K1
N 500 x 0.5 1000 x 1
lbf 110 x 0.1 220 x 0.2
kgf 50 x 0.05 100 x 0.1

± 0.5% of full-scale (f.s.)

Acquisition Rate

1000 times per second

Max. operating force

120% of f.s. (auto-reverses to release load if limit exceeded)


LCD 5 digits, 14mm high


1000 readings with max, min, mean and standard deviation calculations


via USB 2.0 Interface

Dimensions mm (LxWxH)

320 x 160 x 115

Supplied with:

Standard: Pull Tester fitted with Crimp Receptacle and Cable Cam fixtures, USB interface cable, CD-ROM with software (trial version - no licence), power supply.

Optional: Operating instructions with CE declaration of conformity(printed), Dakks (German) calibration certificate, software licence, interchangeable adapter and carrying case  - order separately as required.


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