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Bow Pull-Off Test


The customer was a supplier to major UK clothing retailer Marks & Spencer, who stipulate that all fasteners and attachments must be tested to failure.

The strength of the joint/bow was critical to ensure that it met design tolerance and safety levels, particularly in baby clothing. A motorised test unit with a test speed was defined at 200 mm/min as the system needed to be simple to use in a production environment and provide consistent results.


The lingerie material was clamped in a 'Double Action Vice Grip' with 50 mm wide faces coated with non-slip rubber to enhance gripping strength.

The loop of the bow was hooked over the extended peg hook and was ready for testing. The joint or bow was pulled at 200 mm/min until destruction. The peak tension load to remove of break the bow was recorded at the fast data-acquisition speed of 1200Hz.


  • 1000 N UltraTest Motorised Test Stand
  • 500 N AFG
  • Extended Peg Hook
  • Double Action Vice Grip

Supplied to

S.R. Gent, Dewhirst Childrenswear, Coats Viyella