Festive lighting masonry anchorage strength checking

16 May 2019


  • Digital hand-held force gauge
  • A range of standard accessories to pull the anchorage fixings


  • Portable instrument with quick, immediate pass/fail indication
  • Confidence in meeting improved safety requirements


A number of local councils in the United Kingdom have adopted a new code of practice for the Installation, Operation and Removal of Seasonal Decorations. The objective of the code of practice is to ensure that festive decorations e.g. Christmas Lights are installed safely. The code recommends that electrical installers carry out 'pull tests' on all anchorage points used to hang lights from buildings, to ensure that the anchorage points are strong enough to hold the lights securely and safely, thus preventing damage to buildings and potential harm to members of the public.


Mecmesin helped an electrical contractor carry out testing of a local authorities' town centre Christmas lighting display. A Mecmesin AFG digital force gauge fitted with a test hook was attached to eyebolts, which fix the Christmas lights to buildings. A 'pull test' was carried out on each eyebolt with a minimum force of 50 kgf, to check that each one would not detach from the building when the Christmas lights were hung.

Using the AFG, the contractor was able to easily measure when the 50 kgf threshold was reached and receive audible and visual pass/fail alarms for each test. Test results were stored in the force gauge's on-board memory for traceability purposes. Using a Mecmesin AFG digital force gauge the contractor ensured that the lights were installed safely according to the code of practice, minimising the risk of damage to buildings and harm to members of the public.

Test equipment

  • Manual Handling Kit including,
  • Advanced Force Gauge (AFG) 2500 N
  • Compression Plate
  • Test hook
  • Chain link assembly
  • Gripping cradle
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