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Box-forming and edge crush strength of cartons

14 June 2019

Customised engineering example

The Box Crush Test (BCT) is commonly used to assess the effect of applying an axial top-load force upon the flat sides of carton boxes to simulate stacking them in a warehouse or during transportation. There is however an additional check, called the 'edge-to-edge resistance test', which is very useful for manufacturers and users of cartons. It measures the compressive strength across opposite edges of the carton and provides an indication of its strength for a typical situation where damage to boxed products can occur if the box falls from a shelf and lands on its edge.

Holding a carton without slippage for this test requires custom fixtures to secure the edge over the correct length and to apply the compressive load at the correct angle.

The same fixtures can also be used as a way to measure the force required to form a box and the all-important 'spring-back' force of formed cartons.

Mecmesin has met these requirements for a number of clients, by supplying custom-designed V-profile compression bars. These ensure the same angle of testing, along the length of the carton to be compressed, thus providing the maximum repeatability when testing.

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