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Test summary

Peel adhesion is defined as the force required to remove pressure sensitive coated material, which has been applied to a standard test plate under specified conditions, from the plate at a specified angle and speed.

Peel adhesion is measured on 25 mm wide strips taken from a representative sample of the material. The strips are applied using a roller of standard mass and dimensions to clean test plates made of float glass. (Note: Other materials may be used). Sample are tested at 20 minutes after application, and 24 hours after application. The average force over a distance of 50 mm is measured as the samples are peeled form the plates at an angle of 90° at a test speed of 300 mm per minute. Peel adhesion is reported as the average force expressed as newton per 25 mm width of sample.

Test apparatus

Test plates made of float glass. Other materials may be used if detailed in then report.

Tensile tester with suitable range loadcell equipped with a moving table allowing an angle of 90° to be maintained as the pressure sensitive material is removed.

Standard FINAT test roller

Cutting apparatus

Cleaning materials and solvents as detailed in the standard


Cut strips from a representative sample 25 mm x 175 mm in the machine direction. Prepare sufficient strips for at least three strips to be tested at two time intervals.

Clean the float glass plate as detailed in the standard using the materials and solvents specified.

Test method

Prepared, conditioned strips are adhered to clean float glass plates, and then peeled from the glass plates at 90° after intervals of 20 minutes and 24 hours.

Test plates should be thoroughly cleaned using the method and solvents detailed in the standards

Prepare representative strips from the sample, provisioning for at least 3 strips to be tested at 20 minutes after application and 24 hours after application. The strips should be cut cleanly to 25 mm wide and have a minimum length of 175 mm in the machine direction.

Remove the backing material (if appropriate) and adhere the strips to the cleaned sample plate using a standard FINAT roller.

Test after 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure with a second set of strips and leave for 24 hours before testing.

Fix the test plate into the measuring device so that the angle of peel is 90°. Set the test speed to 300 mm per minute.

Record the peeling force at a minimum of five readings at 10 mm intervals from the centre section of each test strip.


Peel adhesion (90°) is expressed as the average result for the strips tested in newton per 25 mm width for either 20 minutes or 24 hours application time.

Note any failure mode from the list given in the standard.


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