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Cosmetics tin label peel

14 June 2019

Customised engineering example

Testing the adhesive peel strength of packaging labels applied at the post-production stage is more representative of their performance than at the label production stage. This is due to the effects of deposits on container surfaces which come from operating environments.

Post-production packaging, such as small metal containers, can be awkward to hold when peel testing, particularly when surfaces are very smooth and contoured and there is little surface area to grab hold of.

Our client needed to perform a 90-degree peel test on labels applied to small tin lids. They wished to base their test around the methods described in FINAT FTM2 and ASTM D6252.  Mecmesin designed a dedicated custom grip to hold the tin around its perimeter without any distortion. This fixture was mounted on a 'moving table peel jig', which ensured that the peel angle was maintained at the required 90 degrees. This ensured correct alignment every time for truly repeatable testing.

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