Soluções de teste da Mecmesin para embalagens de consumo (primária e secundária) e de trânsito (terciário).

Embalagem para consumidor

Vivemos em um mundo pré-embalado, onde a maioria dos bens do usuário final é fornecida em embalagens que protegem, mas que são projetadas para serem abertas facilmente.

Essa quantidade de embalagem e o crescimento da regulamentação ambiental criam pressão para produzi-la com o mínimo de desperdício e despesa, ao mesmo tempo em que são adequados para a finalidade.

A resistência à perfuração é combinada com a perfuração pré-rasgo, fechamento de segurança com facilidade de abertura.

As embalagens farmacêuticas foram projetadas para vedação máxima e, ainda assim, casca mínima.

Garrafas de plástico exigem espessura para fornecer resistência e estabilidade durante os processos de enchimento, tampar e armazenamento, mas apenas nos locais da garrafa onde é essencial. O teste de força axial de carga máxima garante que as garrafas possam suportar tais forças.

As latas de spray requerem a pressão correta dos dedos para acionar o aerossol, e os puxadores de anéis não devem quebrar as unhas ou cortar os dedos quando abertos. Quanto mais a embalagem se torna estética, mais difícil pode ser agarrar e testar.

Na Mecmesin, projetamos sistemas de força e torque e acessórios para embalagens de todos os tipos, para que você possa aplicar métodos de teste padrão da indústria em ambos os projetos e no chão de produção para controle de qualidade.

Nosso software de controle e análise Emperor é poderoso e flexível para testes confiáveis, precisos e repetíveis com o pressionar de um botão.

Embalagem de trânsito

O objetivo dos fabricantes de embalagens de transporte público é fornecer proteção adequada a um custo e peso mínimos de materiais.

Dos muitos tipos de teste aplicados, as amostras da placa de teste são centrais.

A borda, o anel e a trituração plana podem ser tão preditivos de resistência quanto a carga máxima da caixa inteira e podem ser alcançados usando um testador universal Mecmesin.

Testes de adesivos, fitas adesivas e cintas, bem como atrito, rigidez, resistência à tração e resistência à perfuração podem ser realizados usando as mesmas máquinas.

Os testadores Mecmesin fornecem uma solução ideal para atender aos padrões e métodos de teste corporativos da ASTM, BS EN, ISO, DIN, CEN, Afera, FEFCO, FINAT, PSTC, TAPPI, TLMI, etc.


Featured or equivalent test standards for Mecmesin solutions in this section
Silgan Plastics has utilised the Mecmesin tester in several of our plants over the last two years to monitor top-load. It brings a wealth of features at a very competitive price. We pride ourselves on being the forefront of container performance and capability and the 5-x top-load tester is a valued piece of our strategy.

Randy Blankenship, Quality Engineer
Silgan Plastics

Case study
Top-load plastic bottle testing systems in factory conditions and QC lab
"Mecmesin, through their Portuguese supplier Egitron, presented us with a good solution: reliable equipment and user-friendliness that was adequate for our needs. All our operators are capable of using this equipment because it is very simple to operate. I enjoy dealing with Egitron because they offer excellent technical support."

Miguel Carvalho, Quality Assurance Manager
Água de Luso

Case study
Application torque is checked by removal torque measurement with short dwell times
Mecmesin were extremely helpful when we were looking to purchase new test equipment, this included demonstrations. Our equipment is calibrated annually by Mecmesin and I find their after-sales service to be exceptional.

Darren Pell,
Par-pak Europe Ltd

Case study
Serrated 2-way plane grips firmly grasp tray and lid elements

After an Internet search, I happened upon Mecmesin, a British company who were able to provide several cost-effective solutions. We finally settled on the Tornado model, which we felt would provide us with consistency and ease of use, as well as being compact and portable.

We have been using it now for a few months and are very pleased with it and the level of service provided by the helpful Mecmesin staff.

Jane Green, Quality Assurance Manager
Brothers Drinks Co Ltd

Case study
Second torque peak reading indicates tamper bridge event
"We perform a variety of tests on our pump products. One of which is to evaluate their release torque. In order to precisely apply torque to screw and unscrew the pumps, we use Mecmesin equipment. These instruments prove their value to us through their ease-of-use and accuracy."

Christoph Szymiczek, Manager, Technical Service
Pfeiffer, now Aptar

Case study
Pump dispenser pharma closure removal torque testers
The new xt system is simple and tough enough for us to use in a production environment, while simultaneously allowing us to get the information we need. Being a complete system has made integrating it into our Quality Assurance system straight forward. The information we receive allows us to preempt issues before they can affect quality, with much less effort than previously. This means we have less waste, improved efficiencies and can spend more time making our products.

William Thorley, Project Engineer
Reckitt Benckiser PLC

Case study
Cosmetics packaging burst strength quality control testing on the production line
"Mecmesin's Tornado testers are very easy to use. Even people who had no experience in this area found them simple to operate. We achieved very reliable results and found that the Tornadoes were easily adapted to test many different bottles and pots. The machines produced printed paper results or a digital file and we found this was a very easy way of keeping opening torque records. They are a very useful instrument for packaging."

Zachos Elias, Quality Control
Korres Natural Products S.A.

Case study
Tornado measuring cosmetics jar closure torque with digital printer
As a responsible supplier, we are committed to ensuring safety within our products. The solution provided by Mecmesin means we can monitor the extraction force of our corks to guarantee our customers receive a consistent end product.

Frédéric Junge, Quality manager
Sibel (Oeneo)

Case study
Hand-held cork extraction tester with cork and bottle
The Millennium Seed Bank had a need to quantify the tightness of screw capped glass bottles used for long term storage of wild plant seed. Having established the optimum torque, the Orbis 6 N.m is used routinely to maintain the correct tightness of the bottles. The design of the Orbis makes it simple to use and easy to adapt to different containers.

Keith Manger, Laboratory Manager
Kew Gardens

Case study
Orbis in use with plastic closure and bottle torque showing reading
Companies show their worth when presented with a unique problem to solve. Be assured, I will have no hesitation in recommending Mecmesin to friends and business colleagues.

Dale Baker, CI Manager
Graphic Packaging International, UK

Case study
Cardboard packaging unfolding test fixturing
The Mecmesin system has helped us deliver a better product to our customers with less breakages and leaks. The Tornado is used every 2 hours to ensure the torque of the nail varnish caps are within working range.

Gregorio Suarez, Quality Control and Production Manager
Barry M Cosmetics Ltd.

Case study
Cosmetics closure samples and pass
The MultiTest 0.5-i is a very good and reliable machine and the Emperor™ Software brings great advantages. It’s a very useful tool for these kinds of tests. It’s fully programmable and offers an in-depth analysis of results. It’s a precious tool for everybody involved, especially those who work with plastics and their mechanical performance.

Nikos Michopoulos, Quality Control
Eurofilm Mantzaris S.A.

Case study
Polythene packaging material specimen under test and specific film grips
The Mecmesin MultiTest 1-x enables us to ensure the consistently high manufacturing quality of our PET bottles. The system conveniently allows us to perform top-load testing and confirm free height and integrates easily with our data collection system, increasing our analytical efficiency. I would have no hesitation in recommending this first rate instrument.

John Gilroy, Quality Manager
Esterform Packaging Ltd

Case study
MultiTest-dV compression tester and close-up of top-load crush test with a vented plate fixture

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