Live Demonstration: Wire Crimp Tensile Testing

Mecmesin - On-demand event
Ryan Kam

Wire crimp tensile testing provides confidence in the integrity and performance of crimped connections, ensuring reliability, safety, and compliance with industry standards.

Pulling a crimped terminal is the only way to test its strength. This can expose production issues such strand nicks, inappropriate crimp height, and terminal supply effects.


We will be hosting a live demonstration where one of our experts will showcase our methodology, along with our cutting-edge technology, for accurately measuring the crimping force of wire crimps.


What is covered in the demonstration?

  • Identify and troubleshoot variables that can impact your crimp tensile testing results
  • Measuring Crimp and Connector Removal Forces
  • Set up repeatable tensile tests and establish consistent testing standards 
  • How the VectorPro software assists with your testing needs

Who should attend?

R&D, Test, Manufacturing, Production and Quality personnel involved in: 

  • Users of wiring harnesses 
  • Cable assembly, cord set and wiring harness manufacturers
  • Low volume finished goods producers that make their own harnesses