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135-degree peel

The 135-degree peel test (sometimes also called '45-degree peel test') is preferred over 90-degree and 180-degree peel t

180 degree peel

180 degree Peel testing graphic

Both the 180-degree and 90-degree peel tests are typically used where a flexible material is bonded to a more rigid substrate

90 degree peel

Both the 90-degree and 180-degree peel tests are typically used where a flexible material is bonded to a more rigid substrate

climbing drum peel

This test method covers the determination of the peel resistance of adhesive bonds between: (a) a relatively flexible adherend a

floating roller peel

A floating roller peel test is used when a flexible material is bonded to a comparatively rigid adherend.


T-peel test procedures are commonly used when both materials are both similar or both flexible. e.g.

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Estamos satisfeitos com os programas de medição de nossos produtos e com a possibilidade de exportação e armazenamento de nossos dados em documentos Excel.

Danila Bavcon, gerente de produção
Ekstel doo

Case study
Amostras de fita de bloqueio de água em teste no laboratório de P&amp;D
The MultiTest 1-i has been purchased to test the physical properties of raw materials and finished products. The 10N loadcell is able to measure to two decimal places, which gives a very sensitive and accurate reading, and this test works very well. The MultiTest 1-i meets our needs and with time has proved user friendly.

Adriana Jamesova,
Salts Healthcare

Case study
T-peel system and accessories suitable for healthcare products
Having an in-house test capability is essential when developing new processes and products. Having the Mecmesin tester at Cambridge Nanotherm has allowed us to reduce test cycles significantly. The software package also gives us the ability to analyse the subtle differences in adhesion mechanisms and also gives us the ability to produce detailed reports for our suppliers and customers.

Steven Curtis, Chief Engineering Officer
Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd

Case study
printed circuit board PCB 90 degree copper track adhesive peel
In order to meet the British Standard regarding heat seal strengths on medical pouches, Mecmesin provided an operator-friendly system, which displays data in graphical format to clearly show compliance to the standard.

David Dixon, Quality Assurance Technician
Rocket Medical Plc

Case study
Heat-sealed medical pouch T-peel test

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