Seat belt locking device test


  • Digital force gauge
  • Integrated bespoke fixturing designed to accomodate the instrument


  • Quick and reliable custom testing to internal standards
  • Confidence in meeting industry safety objectives


The customer requested a system to measure the force required to release the locking mechanism of a car seat-belt whilst it is under tension. The test is carried out to ensure the seat-belt can be released easily by a passenger after an accident.

The force measuring instruments must be versatile and easy to fit into a customised test rig designed by the customer.


Two separate force gauges were supplied for integration into a mechanical test rig. The 1000 N Micro-processor Force Gauge was connected to a motor drive assembly which served to pre-tension the seat-belt to a specified limit. A lever-mechanism was attached to the 250N force gauge and used to measure the compression force required to activate the locking device. The peak force was then recorded on the display and noted by the operator.

Test equipment

  • 1000 N and 250N MFG (Superseded by AFG)
  • The input of development ideas and suggestions were also a key part of the service to this customer.

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